Here we go!!

Why am I so nervous about starting a blog? I always seem to have many things to get off my chest but I just don’t know if this is something that I need to be doing. I guess I will give it a try for a few months. The worst thing that can happen is that everyone will see that my grammar stinks and tell me to go back to high school. Honestly, I probably need to do that. 


Topics you will probably see in this blog

Lots and lots of sports related discussions. You will find post on Georgia Tech football. You will see post on how much I hate uga football. I will post about Atlanta United and how exciting it is to have a soccer team in Atlanta. You will learn way too much about all the medical issues I have and how they suck. I am sure I will get into some political discussions and if it is anything like my experience on facebook I will lose friends over it. 

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