A blog about growing up and life in the foothills of the Appalachian mountains. 


The blog of a 40 something Cantonite. 


Steve Tanner

Christ Follower, Husband, Georgia Tech Yellow Jacket superfan, Lover of the beautiful game of Atlanta United, and Falcon diehard.

Growing up we all joked about how our hometown of Canton was like a black hole. You could try to escape but it would always pull you back home. I am glad it did. I met my wife in Cherokee County and for most of my adult life lived here. Canton for us has always been the best place to live. It is where we grew up and met my core group of friends who still text every day since high school and college. It is where we have all faced life’s challenges. We have always called ourselves Cantonites. I hope with this blog to not only talk about this group of people but my life from music major to test engineer to a liver transplant recipient.